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14 Scammell Crusader Recovery Truck
Padbus 14 Scammell Crusader Recovery Truck
14 (Q48 TFC) Scammell Crusader Recovery Truck
This was an ex-military vehicle, hence its Q registration, and provided greater lifting capability than the Guy Warrior it replaced in 1991. However, the improved reliability of modern vehicles, the complexity of towing low floor buses, the high maintenance standards of Padbus and the fact that the Padbus operating area stretches from Essex to Worcestershire means that it has became increasingly unviable to operate a dedicated recovery vehicle. The company has, therefore, decided to use specialist recovery contractors when needed and this Scammell was withdrawn without replacement in 2006.
The model is based on a whitemetal kit of a 2 axle Scammell Crusader tractive unit, the crane bodywork from a plastic kit of an American WWII army truck and a scratchbuilt equipment locker.