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101, 102: Scania K340EB / Caetano Levante
Padbus 101 and 102 Scania K340EB/Caetano Levante
Padbus 101 Scania K340EB/Caetano Levante
Padbus 102 Scania K340EB/Caetano Levante
101 & 102 (OG61 CAA, OG61 CAB) Scania K340EB / Caetano Levante C51FLt
These coaches were the first 61 plate vehicles to join the fleet, entering service as part of the OXFORD MetroShuttle fleet on 1 September 2011 and 4 September 2011 respectively.
In 2016 the Oxford-London service was rebranded as "The X10" and these coaches received the new bold white branding.
Repainted Corgi OCC diecasts.