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107: Scania K400EB6x2*4 / Irizar PB
Padbus 107 Scania K400EB/Irizar PB
107 (OS14 CAG) Scania K400EB6x2*4 / Irizar PB C59Ft
This coach, the third tri-axle Irizar PB in the fleet, was delivered in 2014 for the Grey Green Holidays unit at Winchcombe. Unlike the first two it has neither roof destination nor wheelchair lift. It does, however, have a toilet. It replaced Neoplan Cityliner 195 (Y195 CDY).   
Oxford Diecast model modified to include a toilet by the continental door. The wheel track has been widened and the shiny wheel centres have been toned down.  The Irizar graphics have been updated using transfers from Dave Jessop.