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193: Volvo B12B(T) / Plaxton Panther (15m)
Padbus 193: Volvo B12BT / Plaxton Panther 15m
Padbus 193 Volvo B12B(T) / Plaxton Panther (15m) X10 livery
Padbus 193 Volvo B12B(T) / Plaxton Panther (15m) Temporary Padbus livery
193 (OX09 CDW) Volvo B12B(T) / Plaxton Panther (15m) C69FL
New in 2009, this coach is the first 15m vehicle in the fleet. Like 192, it has an extended front overhang to accomodate a wider door and a "magic floor" wheelchair lift. Originally delivered in MetroShuttle livery, in 2016 it received "The X10" branding. 
In 2020 it was replaced on X10 work by the arrival of Volvo Wright Gemini 3 coach 242 and moved to service X22 with temporary Padbus branding.
The model is constructed from parts of two Corgi OOC diecasts with the front cab module extended by a scale 300mm and a wider door installed.