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271: Dennis Dominator / Alexander
Padbus 271 / Dennis Dominator / Alexander
Padbus 271 Dennis Dominator/Alexander later livery
Padbus 271 Dennis Dominator/Alexander after sale to Anglian Pride
271: (E271 YJODennis Dominator / Alexander R DPH43/29F
This bus was delivered with coach seats to provide extra capacity on the Oxford-London service. It is pictured here after being cascaded to to the Oxford - Chipping Norton route but still carrying the original black fleetname (first photo). The 21st century saw the introduction of a red and green fleetname and this was applied to whole fleet (second photo). The bus was withdrawn in 2007 and joined the Anglian Pride fleet (third photo -used with kind permission of Anglian Pride).
Anbrico whitemetal kit fitted with plasticard coach seats.