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316: "Scania" Lodekka
Padbus 316 Open top Lodekka
316 (316 NJO) Bristol Lodekka FLF5S / ECW O21/21FL.
For a second attempt at a wheelchair accessible open topper, Padbus turned to the Bristol Lodekka. In this version the wheelchair is lifted diagonally up to the rear of the top deck. Lower deck wheelchair access is via the front door. As this bus has been thoroughly updated and fitted with a Scania engine it has also been fitted with the bonnet assembly of a Scania truck. It is finished in a simplified version of the open top livery as it was not intended to be a long term member of the fleet. It entered service for the summer season in 2009 and was withdrawn and sold in September of that year.
This is a heavily modified EFE diecast with the bonnet assembly from a Siku diecast truck.