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576: Alexander Dennis Enviro 200XL
Padbus 576(OL18 SCD) Alexander Dennis Enviro 200XL  B46F
576(OL18 SCD) Alexander Dennis Enviro 200XL  B46F
This is another "what if". What if Alexander Dennis had built a 6-wheel version of the Enviro 200 for the New Zealand market? This is not entirely implausible. The Enviro 200 has been sold into New Zealand and a six-wheel version of the Enviro 200MMC has been exported there as well. If the six wheel concept had come about a little earlier, this bus could have been the result. Anyway, Padbus acquired this one and put it into service of route 25 (Chipping Norton-Banbury) displacing Volvo/Wright Eclipse Urban 554.
Modified CMNL diecasts.