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616: Scania Omnidekka
Padbus 616 dual door Scania Omnidekka
Padbus 616 (OA10 LAR) Scania Omnidekka
Padbus 616 (OA10 LAR) Scania Omnidekka
616  (OA10 LAR) Scania Omnidekka H47/30D
The lowheight buses are not always confined to routes with low bridges. This 2010 dual-door example was bought for Park & Ride service 11. By 2014 it had received the new orange Park & Ride 11 branding and had been fitted with WiFi. By 2018 its lowheight build was became useful when it was replaced by New Routemaster 231 and received generic Park & Ride branding as part of the conversion of Park & Ride service 12 from bendybus to double deck operation.
Repainted Britbus diecast.