Padbus is not the only fictional model fleet out there and this website exists mainly for the interest of fellow fleet operators. Other model fleet operators with their own websites include;
Eldorado Motors

Red Rover

A wider view of model buses, with
news and archive records of commercially produced models (and "cottage industry" kits) of both British and Hong Kong buses can be found at:
British Model Buses
Oriental Model Buses

I would strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in model buses should join the 
Model Bus Federation (MBF). The Federation publishes a monthly full-colour magazine covering all aspects of bus modelling and, for an additional subscription, a quarterly supplement for those modelling fictional fleets. The Members' section of its website includes a discussion forum where queries relating to bus modelling can be posed and usually answered. The Members' shop stocks a small range of exclusive kits and a wide variety of parts and accessories.

Padbus does not have its own Facebook page, but there a number of model bus related  Facebook groups which may be worthwhile joining:
Model Bus and Coach
Irish Model Bus Collectors & Modellers
Model Bus Traders
Model Bus Federation Fleet Operators (MBF members only)

For information about real life bus services, 
Traveline covers all UK bus, coach and train services. The main bus operators in in the area fictionally 'served' by Padbus also have their own websites:
Oxford Bus Company
Pulhams Coaches
Thames Travel

The Oxford & Chilterns Bus Page provides an enthusiast's view of bus news in and around Oxford. If your interests lie in older vehicles you should, of course, visit the
Oxford Bus Museum.