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422: Mercedes Benz Sprinter/Padbilt MagnumMini
Padbus 422 (OM64 MAX) Mercedes Benz Sprinter/Padbus MagnumMini B17F
422 (OM64 MAX) Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/Padbilt MagnumMini B17F
Padbus was finding that the Witney town services 17, 18 & 19 were becoming increasingly uneconomic to run but realised that they were an essential lifeline for those used it. In an effort to keep them running, it teamed up in 2018 with the voluntary sector to run the services under the brand name Padbus Local. At the same time it replaced the Slimline Solo used on these routes with this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter bodied in-house under brand name Padbilt. 
Modified Oxford Diecast ice cream vans.